by amandamaephotos

Originally this trip was planed for Mexico – we were going to drive (crazy I know) to visit a friend of ours, and just have a grand old time in Mexico. But, fate stepped in – I really think it was everyone we knew who were wishing that we not go, honestly. The night of our expected departure one thing after another started to happen that had a great hindrance on us going. After much debating the three of us, Whitney, Paul and Myself, finally decided to hit the road for the lovely state of Florida. Paul’s grandparents have a condo that we were able to use (free of charge!) and we figured our small amount of funds would last the longest there. Well folks it was no Mexico but we made the best of our summer vacation and listened to as much Latin music we could get our radio tuned to! Plus we had quite a bit of Mexican food and watched Nacho Libre religiously.  The beach was our destination most days, with a few days trips to the Everglades and Miami! Whitney and Paul helped me celebrate my 21st birthday during our stay! Now I can partake in alcoholic festivities – legally :b

Moral of the story is – we did not let disappointment hinder us from having a good o’ time!

A few photos for your entertainment!