A Morning of Interning

by amandamaephotos

As many of you may know, I am interning at the Academy of Fine Arts in downtown Lynchburg. Thus far it has been an amazing experience. I get to photograph the classes, plays and other events that the Academy holds. Photographing the kids in the summer camps has by far been the most fun for me. I have also been doing a lot of photo archiving of all the images taken of up to the last four years of events. That is a LOT of images, let me tell YOU. But, of course I have fun in the process and get to see what they have been up to the in the past. Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. First thing in the morning I headed to the theater where the cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr. were working on building the set, having a makeup class, and practicing their dance routines. It was so much fun to be a part of that and get to know the kids. They seem to be an awesome group and I’m looking forward to shooting the performance! That’s a good start right? Well it gets better! Right from there I rushed down the street and on to the Blackwater Creek trail head to catch come runners coming through. I got a few good images during the “seconds” I had as they went by. Anyway great morning for me!
Here are a few of the images. There is a possibility that they will be on the Riverside Runners Website! I will let you know if they make it on.