Early Independence Day

by amandamaephotos

The day back from vaca Paul and I get to see an early firework display! It was actually a very nice evening out for the two of us. Let me tell you because I know you are just dying to know. Alright so, after spending a lazy afternoon together, we headed to the dollar theater and watched The Soloist. Eh ok movie. Then out just in time to go find a place to park and watch the fireworks. We found a soccer field with pretty much no one other than ourselves. Paul danced with me until they started – I know so cute right? This was my favorite part, not so much his. I have such the romantic boyfriend. And, I love it! Alright I wont get all mushy on you guys anymore. Here are some fireworks for you! Enjoy

DSC_1031 3

DSC_0975 3

DSC_0953 3

DSC_1040 3