Fabulous, Fun and Festive!

by amandamaephotos

The dawning of the our Nation’s Birthday brought clear skies and lots of sunshine. The Academy of Fine Arts held their 2009, July 4th One Miler on this festive morning. My duty, as always, was to capture the excitement and action that took place there with my trusted camera! It was a fabulous morning filled with energy and passion for this activity that brought us all together – Running! We had people of all ages come and participate. From 3 years old to 70! They were all there together just enjoying another year of freedom for our Nation. In the midst of smiles and laughter, we had face painting, crafts, and of course Teddy Spaghetti – the clown. It really was an amazing morning and a good kick off to a great Holiday!

For most the Fourth of July is a time spent with friends and family in celebration, but unfortunately I was unable to be with mine. I missed my family A LOT, but these are the sacrifices I have to make because after all I did move 9 – HOURS – AWAY! So, my 4th was very quiet and relaxing, a nice escape from the busy morning. I enjoyed a nice bottle of merlot too! No not the whole thing – I’m not a drunkard! The label was brilliant I must say. There are a few pictures for you, I simply couldn’t resist!

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have for you today! And, most of all I hope that everyone had a marvelous 4th of July!