Lets Recycle!

by amandamaephotos

For you fellow recycling enthusiast – you know your out there! Here are a few ideas. Whenever I get a chance to reuse or turn an old item into a new, I take it! Every day we see things being thrown away. We are one of the most wasteful Countries in my opinion. Lets do something about it, shall we?

Here are a few things I have done recently that I thought were kinda cute and now I’m passing them on to you!

This first one I actually found on Design Sponge a few months ago. At first I wasn’t to crazy about them, but after I did one, I actually rather enjoy it.

Bottle Picture Frame


All you need is a clear glass bottle (this can be any shape, size and style you want), a picture or piece of material and your good to go! I like to get my images from magazines – preferably photo mags because they have the best pictures. 😀


Fist thing you will want to do is remove any label on the bottle and make sure that it is clean inside and out. Next your going to size up our image or piece of material and make sure that it will fit evenly in your bottle. This will all vary depending on the shape of your bottle. Now your ready to insert. Role up whatever it is that you choose to use and slid it through the opening of your bottle. It might take a little to position it – this could be done with your finger(just don’t get it stuck!), pencil, etc. See how easy that is!!

Idea number two!

This popped into my head on day while bored at work.

Tin Flower Pot


What you will need – A tin can of any size, a can of spray paint, hammer, and nail.


Fist wash the can and if your smart you can spray it with a rust stopping paint, but its not necessary. I actually think that when the rust sets in it will add a little character to your pot! Next put some holes in the bottom for drainage and your ready to add some color! After its been painted and dried, fill it with dirt and a plant and your done! Yet another quick and easy recycling creation!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these! Happy creating. 😀

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new” – Antoine de Saint