Ashley and Mike!

by amandamaephotos

I met Ashley about two years ago during my first semester of college. We were both in Photo 101 and Fundamentals of Design 1, and possibly one more class, but my memory is a bit fried and can’t remember that ‘far’ back. :-b But, one thing I know for sure, is that we both share a passion for design and photography! We fell out of touch for about a year, and then, who would have thought, we both ended up working at the same place! Small world – well small town rather. Anyway, Ashley and her boyfriend Mike met up with me last night for an evening of shooting and laughter. We all got a bit eaten up by mosquito and were a little smothered by the humidity, but we got some good shots, and in my opinion that is worth every bite and drop of perspiration. They are such a great couple, who really are hilarious without even trying to be! And, I loved that they wore such nice color! So, without further ado – I present Ashley and Mike!







I love this one! Look at that smile!



Going in for the kiss!