For the Children

by amandamaephotos

The heart of a young woman goes out to the small village of Buziika, Africa, who’s dust filled streets are speckled with children in ditches, playing with scrap of plastic or balancing a baby on a tiny bare hip. The sound of motor bikes and chatter fills the slightly humid air that smells of burning grass and garbage. Nestled inside a tall concrete wall sits an Orphanage, that over 100 children call their home. Where angry voices can be heard outside the wall, there is peace and comfort within.


This peace is interrupted – a fire breaks out in one of the girls dormitories. No one is hurt but they are all traumatized. What little these girls had, a little memento of a lost parent, the only thing they had from their past life – gone, taken away, consumed by an unforgiving enemy.


Who might be this woman? It is me. A part of my heart is there with these children in Canaan Children’s Home, and hearing of this unfortunate event, that happened only last week, breaks it. After spending a week with these precious children anyone will see the joy that they have even though they have nothing and have lost everyone that was dear to them. Please keep them in your prayers as they recover from this deviating experience. Remember them when you don’t get what you want. I will be the first to do that – because it happens far to often.

Take a few minutes and visit the Canaan Children’s Home Web Site – it is heart breaking to read where some of these children were rescued from. Learn the powerful story of Pastor Isaac and his wife Rebecca and how God brought him back to life so that they could start this home for abandoned and orphaned children. You can get to know the children through their pictures and bios, and know the hardship they endured before they came safely into the welcoming arms of Canaan.