by amandamaephotos

I’m so excited! Can I tell you? I hope you don’t mind.

A.M. Photography is heading down a happy road right now, with exciting new adventures in sight! Over the last few weeks opportunities have sprung out at me offering things I had not even imagined would happen!

I’ll start with Friday the 11th of September. As you all know, I was at the downtown event that evening. It was a great turnout and I have 4 awesome new shoots lining up for the month of October! Then out of the blue, I met Robin. Who is she? Well, Robin is a fabulous lady who is currently opening up a brand spankin’ new restaurant in our very own downtown Lynchburg! It is called Robin Alexander an American Bistro and is located on main st right as you exit the Lynchburg Expressway. It will be up and running within the next week or so – so keep both eyes open!! Ok, now to the good part. We got to talking and she really liked my work and asked if I would be interested in hanging a few pieces in her restaurant. Of course I just stood there dumb founded, but soon regained my composure and managed a mumbled or more of a squealed ‘I’d love to!’. Well come to find out, she’s not only giving me ‘A’ wall, she is oh-so generously giving me THREE walls in her new establishment!!! Can you imagine my excitement right now?! Hopefully as of this coming Monday I will have up to 10 images hanging!! I’m going to be promoting the heck out of this new restaurant – just as a warning. Robin is simply amazing for letting me hang my work, and guess what? – it will be for sale, so whoever is interested stop by! I would also, highly, suggest that you sit down and have something to eat!

Opportunity number…2? or is it 6? Anyway, over the past month I have been in the process of becoming a Big Sister with Big Brother Big Sister, which I am super duper excited about! When I met the director of BBBS, and he found out I was a photographer, he asked if I would be interested in doing some work – for free of course – but how could I say no? Well I got a phone call Monday morning from the director himself asking if I would shoot the images for their fundraiser calendar. Again through my excitement I managed to mumble out another ‘I’d love to!’  Pretty cool right? Well I thought so!

A.M. Photography will also be making a hefty equipment investment over the next week or two!! Another form of extreme excitement for me!

Opportunities continue to come my way and I am ecstatic to see where they will lead me!  The Lord has blessed me with more than I could imagine, and I couldn’t do what I do without Him! A dedicated family and boyfriend also helps out tremendously! And, thanks to all, again, for visiting and coming back! You are the best!

Quick side note – Congrats to Kristin for winning the thank you gift! Check out her work – it is amazing! KristinPartinPhotography

I leave you with this

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.  ~ Abraham Lincoln

How about you make up your minds and be happy! 😀  Oh and tell someone you love them – that tends to help!