by amandamaephotos

I enjoy to cook. Most of all experimenting with food and coming up with all new recipes. I really don’t like following a cookbook, although I do, from time to time.

I remember when I was younger I loved to be in the kitchen, inventing something. I remember clearly one winter day when I made applesauce all day long. It was warm and cozy inside while outside the snow was laying a blanket of white on the rolling countryside. Ahh, those were the days 🙂

My parents brought a bag of apples with them from New York the last time they come to visit, and I thought it was high time I used them up! Now I want to share with you how to make some yummy homemade apple sauce, the way my mom taught me.

So, here is my how – to on making Applesauce! You should try it. Its super easy and quite delicious!

What you will need:

cinnamon & sugar (optional)
apple sectioner
medium to large sauce pan

Give yourself about 45 mins with prep and cooking time.

You can use any type of apple, but I find that macintosh are the best. Since mine are from New York, they are definitely the best, in my opinion. 😀

First wash any chemicals off the skins, even though they are going to be peeled off, its still good to make sure its not transferred to the inside of the apples.


Now onto the peeling! Oh the fun and tedious part.


Ah the fun part. Well to me anyway. If you have an apple sectioner then it will make this part of the process so much easier. All you do is place it over the apple and push down. See, easy peasy!


After you have a pile of nicely sliced, juicy apples, its time to chop them up. Just watch out for some leftover core and seeds, as sometimes the sectioner misses a few, and we cant have any of those swimming around in our sauce!


Get the water boiling! You have some apples to cook! Place the apples in the sauce pan and add enough water to almost cover them. I always guesstimate with this.


Keep it on high until it starts to boil and then you can turn it to med-high so that it will not boil over. Stir occasionally to help break down the apples and prevent sticking.


Ahh! Look at the beauty! If you keep it on that temperature, it shouldn’t take more that 30 mins to cook. Remember, stirring helps to break it down, so if your in a hurry that’s the thing to do.

Now the best part of all! Eating it! I think its best to serve it right away, nice and hot! But, before you do, add sugar and cinnamon to taste. This is optional of course.


I also canned a few and stuck them in the freezer to save for a quick side dish later on.


I hope you try this! I guarantee you will not be disappointed 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend and make sure to do something creative!

Who inspires me? The Pioneer Woman. Check her out.