Hotels Combined

by amandamaephotos

Today I received an email from an individual, who had come across my Operation Christmas Child post and saw that I support Samaritan’s Purse. Thinking that it would be something I would be interested in, she offered me an opportunity to donate to any organizations round the world. And, it didn’t cost me a penny! How can you do it? Well here’s how.

The company is called Hotels Combined, and they are using us to help spread the word about their business by donating to charity. Any money they would put into advertising, they are instead using if for the greater good, because we are spreading the word for them. Pretty simple right? By doing any of the following three, you can help with this cause.

1. You can become a fan of Hotels Combined by simply becoming a fan on Facebook and they will donate $5 to any organization of your choice. *

2. You can tweet about them on Twitter, by mentioning in your message and they will donate $10 to any organization.*

3. If you are a fellow blogger, you can mention them in a post and guess what? – they will donate $20 to any organization! *

*Just be sure to mention what organization you want them to donate when you do any of the above 🙂

You will need to send a quick email to to let them know you mentioned them on your page(es).

Check out Hotels Combined to learn more about how to donate today!

Who are you going to choose? Donate today!

I recommend and sent $20 to World Vision!


You can shout and help too.