why put off till tomorrow…

by amandamaephotos

…what you can do today?

That’s my motto! actually no, not really. When it comes to a lot of things, I put it off far to much. But packing, well thats another story.

It must be the thrill of starting my journey, the anticipation of walking out the door, arms laden with suitcases I can barely lift. Im thinking its the free spirit in me just waiting to escape the everyday life.

Ok ok.. so, I’m a little excited about travel, who isn’t!?

I always try to be prepared for my travels. Meaning, I’m packing a week before.

Although, this doesn’t always work, because then I run out of clothes to wear. Well this time, I’m packing just ONE day before.

Going home for the Holidays is probably on of my favorite things to do. You don’t appreciate the Holidays quite as much until you have lived away from home, in my opinion. You always see in the movies, families reuniting, crying, laughing, and crying some more. Well yep, thats me now and I couldn’t enjoy it more!

To prepare myself for this years Holiday travels, I went out and got some more suitcases.

Look at this nifty one I found, along with an other one that resembles a flippin’ boat – its BIG its yellow and its awesome.

This one is pretty sweet, but weighs about 50lbs, without the clothes! Its got these handy dividers and flaps that keep your clothes and other items all neat and organized. This I LIKE. Nothing more nerve wracking then a jumbled mess in your suitcase.

Its it lovely!!

So, I went out and bought two suitcases, because I am entirely to indecisive and couldn’t decide on one. I was looking for something bigger than what I have so that I would only have to bring one. But, things never work out that way, well not for me anyway because I pack about 7 outfits for a two day weekend. Needles to say, I finished packing for my 5 day vacation I some how ended up with two suitcases. Hmm.

Im off to see the Wizard… I mean I’m off to the great, the GREAT Up State!  So long, farewell…adios 🙂