Anna Farrell

by amandamaephotos

Being able to return home after my 10 months of absence, brings so much joy to my life. You really don’t appreciate your family and where you grew up until you are apart from them. Being home for the beginning of the Holidays was a pleasant one, as I reconnected with friends and family. It was a busy one to say the least! Of course I couldn’t keep my camera packed for long and started shooting the day I arrived. I had been thinking of my beautiful New York home town for month and couldn’t wait to take pictures of its glorious scenery. Its quite disappointing really, that Thanksgiving has to be in November, when all the slender of the fall season has been laid to rest for the coming winter, but I still managed to find beauty in the dull gray landscape.

That beauty was/is my sister. We used the bleak colors to emphasis her natural beauty and make her shine even more so than she already does. : ) I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

we lugged her newly refurbished chair out with us, and it went so well with her outfit!

she got that fabulous scarf when she went to Guatemala. I almost took it home with me..

My little, ok well now big, Codester (Cody) made an appearance and gave Anna some high-fives. Something they do quite a bit.

I feel like she should be on the cover of a J. Crew magazine.