The Kick-off

by amandamaephotos

Ahh Thanksgiving day. One of the most look-for-ward-too-days of the year. Its the kick-off to the Holiday season, where family comes together and there is complete chaos, love and lots of food.

My family is all about the traditions, and they seem to grow every year. Of course we have the usual tradition of, everyone bringing their signature dish, one we have to have whether anyone eats it or simply because its a tradition. One that has escalated other the years is watching the Muppet Christmas Carol after the feast. This was my Uncle Earl’s “tradition” and we all put up a huge fuss as we cram into the living room snuggled under blankets and fully satisfied with food in our bellies. Even though we all make such a big deal about not wanting to watch the movie, we all secretly love it and somehow know every single line and sing along to all the songs. Some of our traditions may seem wacky to someone, or just downright crazy, it somehow helps to bring the family together to enjoy a day of celebration, giving thanks for everything we have been blessed with. And, its a lot — a big family who loves each other -well sometimes- , loves traditions and LOVES food!

before the feast, yes it looks so peaceful, but wait

carving the bird. probably on of my least favorite things to eat not going to lie. i have to eat it smothered in gravy.

just a bit of the delicious food that was prepared

my we have all grown! why we must all sit on one couch is beyond me. maybe we just get some pleasure out of squishing people, or maybe we just love each other that much that we need to be super close, all the time.

there are no words that can express how much i love this photo. i have to laugh ever time i see it. i think they were getting tired of me taking their pictures. : )

finally, after much anticipation – the feast began and the the picture taking ended. after eating i could barely sit at the table for more then 5 mins before I stumbled the 3 steps to the couch and passed out. what-a-day!

Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.  ~Robert Caspar Lintner