’twas’ the season

by amandamaephotos

Whoops. Im a little late. Well only two weeks. I have just been so busy working on all my New Years Resolutions! Hmm, well not really. If I had been this would have been up…by now.

Here is  a little of what my Christmas was like. I tell you though, my family is beginning to hate me. And, my camera. When they complain about me taking to long to photograph the food or the presents being opened, I just reply by saying that I’m only making up for lost time. I don’t think anyone in my family  believed in taking pictures when I was growing up. Hmm, maybe that is why I have become a photographer? Well I wont waste your time with idle babble. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

As is tradition, we always visit my Grandma on Christmas Eve. We took her out to lunch this year.

It was a long car ride there. Anna and I were stuck in the back seat with nothing to do. Well wait, there was something!

After the Christmas Eve service we head over to one of my Aunt’s house for some yummy food and good times. These are my cousins beautiful little girls. Just too cute!

Christmas morning. We aren’t kids any more. As you can see, we dont get that excited. Hehe, my brother and sister waiting to open their stockings. 🙂

My mom loves to decorate for Christmas and she does a fabulous job doing it! Its one of my favorite things about Christmas!

And now for one of our Christmas presents, I guess? My parents treated us to a trip to New York City! It was frigid, crowded, and did I mention FRIGID? Chilled to the bones we were, all day. You would think that with so many people around it was be a little “cozy-er”. Nope.  NYC is one giant wind tunnel.

It was fun though, now that I’m bundled up all nice and warm in my apartment. I snapped a few good pictures and that’s all I really wanted.

Even though the back of these buildings are way over exposed I love how they just look like two walls of windows.

I tried to take a picture of this dog all bundled up, but I was in the middle of the street, two far away for my lense, and would have lost my family if I had waited. But like it a lot anyway.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We went in to get out of the cold. Not that it was any better inside. I cant imagine the electricity bill for that place!

I love movement. The whole picture could be blurry or moving but as long as one thing is in focus, I’m happy.

And the gang, except me : (