stormie weather day…

by amandamaephotos

When I met Stormie, it was in my first apartment here in Virginia. My sister and I had just made the tedious trek from New York, with as much stuff as could fit in a truck and a car. Stormie introduced herself as Stormie Weather Day, and the gullible person that I am (sometimes), I believed her. Ok just for a little while. She was convincing. She said her parents were hippies. Wouldn’t you have believed her? Well I wasn’t totally convinced and finally she cracked and told me her real name, which is in fact Stormie, just not Weather Day. So, that was my first encounter with my dear friend. We were mates for about half a year before she moved back to PA. Then she moved back again to VA, but I rarely saw her. And now, after two years we see each other all the time!

She has recently picked up photography, and had a brilliant idea for us to go out and have some fun with our cameras. So, in the dead of winter, or so it felt, we found a fantastic location and froze ourselves nearly to death to get some lovely pictures! As a photographer, I will sacrifice what I have to in order to get what I need – image wise. In this case, it was the feeling in all my extremities. But, theses are some of my favorite yet! So worth the near frostbite.

my favorite by far!

these gloves have made it into several shoots. I bet my grandmother would never have guessed that her gloves would be so popular.

i love fields of tall grass!

It had to have been in the 30s and she wore a shirt! what a trooper.

we had an audience đŸ™‚