horsin’ around

by amandamaephotos

I’m the type of person who doe not like suspense. It makes me bite my nails and they really can’t take that kind of stress. Ok, I’m complicate then, because I like being surprised, but I don’t like knowing that I have a surprise coming, because, then its is very suspenseful for me. That makes sense right? Ok good, I’m not complicated then. Phew!

Well, this was Paul’s and my 15 month anniversary. He’s good about that sort of stuff. I often forget. He always makes sure he comes and visits me, just so we can be together. We don’t always go out or do something special, but every once in a while we do. Like this. I knew the surprise was coming a week before. AHH! It was terrible! For me. And, what made it worse was that it seemed like everyone knew BUT me.

Ok, anyway. Paul knows how much I love horses and miss having them. I’ve had them ever since I was 5 and up till 19. That’s fourteen years folks, and I cherish every one of them. So, the fact that Paul took the time to plan this little trip meant a whole lot to me. He’s the best! I say that all the time, but he really is, and I’m lucky to have him. 🙂

Here’s to the old love’s of my life. I will never forget you!

Maybe I looked funny or something.

Paul was having fun with this little guy.

My favorite!

Feeling the love – actually I think if I remember correctly, the darker one was trying to shoo the white one away.

I have become a fan of my camera’s self timer 🙂

And now for a leap back in time. These were a few of my babies.

Ginger and Black Beauty. Nah, actually it’s Dakota and Penny. But, I called them that all the time.

Dakota (Ginger) I got when she was just a little filly along with her momma Meas (now she was a sweetheart!). I have pictures somewhere but can’t find them. 😦 She was a piece of work though, but such a lovable one!

Penny (my Black Beauty) was my first “horse”. I had always had ponies up till then. I got her for $650 and she was in poor shape, but looking at her now, you would have never know. I was the only one besides my dad who could ride her, and it made her that much more special to me. She was high strung and stubborn, but man was she ever FAST!

This was my favorite time of year, when their coats glisten like the gems they were.

This was the day before I had to sell Penny. It tore me up inside, but I didn’t have the time that they deserved. She was my “love” and always will be. I’ve often imagined myself like Jim/John(?) in Black Beauty, and one day finding her again. I will always remember the special markings that made her unique. I hope whoever has her now, treats and loves her the way she deserves.