round three?

by amandamaephotos

Am I really in the South, because I’m beginning to believe I never left NY state. We’ve had 3 large snowfalls this winter, but I’m hoping that 3’s the charm, and that we have broken the pattern. What was that they were saying about global warming? Last time I checked that would involve a little warmer weather. Hmm, guess they were wrong then, huh. Well, don’t get me wrong guys, I do love the snow. Just not when it interferes with my plans or gets me in a near accident, but I love having to turn on the four-wheel-drive! No being snowed in for me!

Well I have here some snowy pictures for your viewing pleasure, and here’s hoping we don’t get any more. Wait a minute! Is it flurrying outside…? I do believe it is!!

some color?

And then it all ends with a bright sunny morning.