beautiful – inside and out

by amandamaephotos

Where do I start? There is nothing not to say about Tish and her absolutely beautiful family! I have never met more down to earth and respectful people.

Let me tell you just a little about my friend Tish. Well when I started my job she was there my first day and treated me as a long lost friend, making me feel immediately at home. Her smile can light up the darkest of rooms and she is blessed with a presents of continual joy and happiness. When I’m feeling cranky and groggy at 5am in the morning, she’s there with the biggest smile and the sweetest laugh. You can’t help but to smile back and slowly feel that crankiness slip away.

Well her children are as equally wonderful. I really don’t know why I was surprised. Uniqua and Marquise are just too amazing for words, truly their mothers offspring. 🙂

The fabulous associates at the Craddock Terry Hotel in Downtown Lynchburg, were kind enough to let us use their gorgeous lobby. Thanks guys!

Marquise wasn’t happy until we got the skateboard pictures!

She calls them her blessings, and couldn’t be more right!