oh it must be love. [Engagement Session]

by amandamaephotos

Let me start by saying that I love Jessie and her wonderful fiance Aaron. They are a true joy and they couldn’t get much cuter. This session meant a lot to me, not only because Jessie is a good friend, but it took place in a very special location. I always talk about how much I love my hometown in upstate New York, and this is why. It’s a perfect location for a lovely engagement session of a super awesome couple. This was my back yard growing up, and it was the most amazing place to live during the days of my youth. Pictures of this wonderland will be up soon, I promise. But, until then feast your eyes on this stellar couple!

It’s called love.

The lighting was just phenomenal.

A favorite. And, I love Buttercups!

I had to throw in some texture.

Probably would have to be my MOST favorite, who doesn’t like a good foot poppin’ kiss!

I practically grew up in the tree. It was my jungle gym and we were best of friends!

I would like her eyes. Just saying..

To be revealed…