Beth [Senior Session]

by amandamaephotos

This session was another one that was extra special because it was done right in my “backyard”! I have know Beth all her life! We were neighbors until I decided to up and move to Virginia. : ) We both share a love for photography (she has the eye! – watch out!) and it meant the world to me that she would want me to take her senior pictures! She is so down to earth and we had a blast roaming about the countryside on the four-wheeler and finding stellar locations to shoot. Not many photographers get to ride a four-wheeler to/on a photoshoot, I was quite lucky! 😀 Thank you Beth for a freakin amazing afternoon of fabulousness! And, the best of luck on your photography! You are killer at it!!

I asked her to take off her AMAZING necklace for this shot. Then after we got it, she handed it over to me. Seeing my confused look she told me that she had bought it for me and was just wearing it to make sure that I liked it! What a sweetie!! I most definitely did and still do L.O.V.E it!