friendship. [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

Let me tell you a story of friendship.
This summer I attended a Luau put on by one of the FUSION groups from my church. I only knew a few people there and walked in prepared to meet many new people and hopefully form more friendships! I had met Dina once before. I am horrible at remember names, you can tell me your name and the next moment it has left my brain, its a lovely trait I’m blessed with. Well since I had met her before I walked right up to her and confidently said “hey! Gigi right?!” Please don’t ask me how I came up with that, but I just did. I honestly though that was her name. Dina gave me a strange look and then burst out laughing, along with everyone else standing withing 3 ft of us! Oh man was I embarrassed! I felt like I had really offended her and I apologized up the wazoo, all the while she’s still snickering at me. After that, every time I saw her at church, I made extra certain to call her DINA, and she would just give me a smile and say “yea, not Gigi”. Then I would switched it up a bit and call her Gigi and then she would say “no its Dina”. It a curious thing, how friendship starts, but that is how ours did. After we got over the awkward name mix up, and we fanned each other with our name badges on a hot day at church ;b, we became quite close! God is so amazing when He brings two people together in a beautiful friendship! Over just two short months, Dina and I have grown so close, sharing our hearts and living life together! She is an amazing person and I can not be happier to be her friend! Oh and she loves Gigi by the way, and she thought it was the funniest thing when I called her that the first time. I’m really good at coming up with nicknames – because  I can never remember someone’s real one!

Here we are triumphant about the shelf we just built. We make a great team.
We have built a shelf and moved a stove into her new house all by ourselves! 🙂

A true friend will take a picture of a pretty bike because they know you will love it!
It made me smile when I read the caption of this photo Dina took – For Amanda
Isn’t it the greatest!!

Gigi I heart you!