morning delights! [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

Good morning! I am not at work this morning and it is simply delightful! My new apartment has a charming little porch facing the woods and this is where I sit. There is softest filtered light coming through the canopy of leaves and it so dreamy as I nestle down in my robe and drink my morning coffee. I can only do this two mornings a week, and will cherish every moment here. My bunny Lila and my roommate’s two kittens scamper about while the birds chirp happily above. It makes my soul smile!

I would like to share a scrumptious little DIY project fresh from Hill City Bride this morning! If you are not already following HCB, you must right away! They bring you all the latest wedding ideas and inspirations to help you create a wedding of your dreams. Already married? That’s alright, they still have delightful DIY projects, like the one I’m about to show you, that can help spruce up any party your about to throw!

Here is the link to the prettiest little button candies I have ever seen! It tells you how to make then and also offers printable PDFs to top off the whole theme.  Just look at how darling they are! They have a enchanting vintage feel and will bring a smile to anyone sees them! Let these be your next party favor or a little just because gift for a friend to brighten their day! Also check out Bake It Pretty who is the mastermind behind this lovely idea.

That flower button is my favorite!

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