a legacy [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

Over a week ago my Grandmother passed away, leaving my siblings and me grandparent-less on both sides of the family. At a time like this, being in a state 9.5 hrs away from home can become a heartache. The most important thing for me, was to be able to be there for my Dad during this time of loss. He is such a strong supporter, leader, and provider for the family, that that was the least I could do. But, work schedules and money all played a factor, and my sister and I were unable to attend the memorial this past Thursday.

When I was very young I had many fond memories of her bringing my sister Katie and me to the movies, driving us around in her car, with its blood red seats (no lie, they were red!), getting us little trinkets at the grocery store and taking us out to eat. I remember seeing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi, which were probably the first movies I ever saw in a theater. Everything about her life was the same, very consistent. She always had chocolate chip ice cream, Pringles (that I would sneak when no one was watching), Trident cinnamon gum, that she would keep in her refrigerator (to keep fresh I guess), and without fail we would always have ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch or snack before dinner. We would always spend Christmas Eve at her house, have a ham out of a can, and a cake for Jesus while singing happy birthday to Him (then fight over who would blow out the candles! Ha!). She had the biggest doll collection that we weren’t aloud to touch, but did anyway. Ha, we were such mischievous kids! We would ride bikes through the neighborhood, hang from the clothesline posts in the back yard and climb the tree in the front yard. Or maybe that was just me! 🙂 They were all fond memories and its making me smile as I think back on them.

The sad thing was that she got dementia in the last 5+ years of her life. It caused many problems and unfortunately some bitterness. For the last three years, I only was able to see her once a year and only for a short time. But, we shouldn’t dwell on the negative things. She was the foundation to our family’s faith. She prayed her family into the Kingdom of God and for that I am ever grateful. What more of a legacy could she have left behind. Thinking that my Grandmother is in a place right now where she will find endless joy, just warms my heart! There was so much suffering at the end, but now she is in perfect peace and awaiting the thrown of God! Yeah, that’s pretty exciting!

I love these two images of my Grandmother, Katherine M. Farrell.

This is from a newspaper clipping announcing her marriage to my grandfather. She was so beautiful!

And this is from last Christmas, still beautiful in my opinion!

I love you Grandma and am ever grateful for the impact you had on our family! See you in Heaven! 😀