confessions…[life well lived]

by amandamaephotos


…all I ever want to do is sleep. i think my late night wandering and early morning work hours are catching up to me.

49.9% of the time I am terribly unmotivated. i think that happened right after college. maybe i fried my brain – not sure.

i have never read my camera manual. i’d rather learn by mistakes then actually have to sit down and read directions.

most of the time i only brush my teeth once a day. eww – i hate when people do that. so why do i?

i used to chew on anything as a kid. i still do. ok not everything, but my fingernails take a beating.

i am a terrible speller. although, i’m sure you have figured that out by now, if you ever read my blog.

i used to be very messy. then i get VERY neat. now i am messy again. i can only see my floor once a week, if that. hmm i can actually see it right now. win!

i will listen to a song on repeat… for hours. current repeat favorite – Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
its a good tune.

i may or may not be becoming addicted to coffee. haven’t decided yet. but joe beans pumpkin spice coffee is very alluring. i think i may go get some.

i love re-doing furniture and other random thrift shop finds… but am a horrible time manager and never have the
“time” to do them.

i love to take pictures. what i don’t love is the editing process. i get sidetracked after about 30 photos.

facebook has ruined my life. there i said it.

i probably check my phone about 50 times a day.Ā  ha. i’m. a. looser.

i am very eclectic and quite often just plain random. you know this now after reading my rambles.

i feel like i should have a photo to go along with this post so here is one that makes me smile.