coffee. [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

This morning I awoke from a full 8+ hrs rest (which never happens!) to the aroma of sweet coffee in my room. Last night I was at a friends house and she had the most delightful smelling coffee sitting on her counter. I couldn’t help but keep it glued to my nose, soaking up the deliciousness in every deep inhale. I am not an avid coffee drinker, there are some days/weeks that I can go without it. Although, lately I feel like it has been my drink of choice because I never get enough sleep and it is the only way I can keep functioning. But, let me tell you, this coffee rocked my world! I can’t tell you the name, but it was some kind of nut coffee. So I will call it “Some-nut” for now. I don’t like bold coffee and I could tell right away by the smell, that it was a perfect blend of not-to-bold and just-enough-flavor. Let me tell you – when I finally got around to brewing it, it was just as delightful to my taste buds as it was to my nose!

So, I’m quite certain you know what I am sipping on this morning, while enjoying a letter from my sponsor child!

On a side note. If you sponsor a child – AWESOME!! – and thank you! If you don’t – I would highly recommend you do! My family did it while I was growing up, and it was always so “cool” to get letters from kids my own age from a different country. I got to see them grow up, have the ability to go to school, learn about Christ, and have a slightly better life because God made it possible for us to help them. For just $38 a month, you could make a difference in a child’s life! Visit Compassion International to learn more!

Have a GREAT Tuesday!