photo holder [be creative]

by amandamaephotos

I would like to share a super simple project with you today! I saw this as a card display holder uses at a wedding and it got my creative juices spinning. With all my trips to antique shops in the area I had seen several of these “spiky” things and always wondered what they were used for. Well on my trip to finally pick one up, I was educated on its use. For those of who do not know what it is, I will tell you. For those of who do, please stay with me. You ready? Ok, here we go. They are called Frogs. Of all things. Well for those of who like to use artificial flowers, in vases, would get use from these too. What you do is put your frog in the bottom of your vase, and then place the end of each stem on a spike. Voila – your bouquet of flowers stay in place….because they always fall out of vases?

Ok now that you know what a Frog is and what its used for, you can disregard all of it and use it to display photos or other keepsakes instead!

This is what you will need…

A Frog

And some photos. See that’s it!

I found these when I was home. My Grandmother had clipped and saved hundreds of these from the newspaper. Now that is dedication. Seriously two envelopes filled with theses ‘Cheerful Cherubs’ . The backs of each clipping is unique and fun too!

A nice little way to accessorize your desk!

If anyone wants some Cheerful Cherubs, I have LOTS!