to-do or not to-do [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

Woke up this morning. First day back to reality. Can’t say I leapt straight out of bed. The snooze button was hit… 3 times. Then the alarm was reset. There went my chance to shower. 20 minutes till work. Grown. Finally I managed to roll myself out of bed. I was hungry. SERIOUSLY? IT WAS 4:40AM!  Oh well, I reached for a Dove chocolate that lay in my open suitcase, lovingly calling my name.  There were 3… and I managed to eat them all. Not sure how that happened. The thing about Dove chocolates that I often forget about, but love, are the quotes found within the wrapper. Little tidbits of knowledge on top of a delicious mouthful of chocolaty goodness. Though all three of them were fitting in their own way, this one in particular was my favorite. Although I lived this past week with not a to-do in sight, I still wouldn’t mind a few more days off. Saturday is a new year, I can start on one then, right? Oh wait. That is part of the weekend and I have a strict no to-do list policy for those two precious days. Guess Monday will be a doozy.

Happy Eve of New Years Eve. I hope it freakin’ fantastic and to-do list free.