good things. [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

Today felt like a Monday. I stayed up half the night obsessively watching Dexter. It made for a nice long morning at work with much yawning. My boss always yells at me when I do that, because then he starts. Why are yawns contagious?
You know that little thing we all call new years  resolutions? Well I made one this week (and this week only) and it involves me not drinking any coffee, well caffeine for that matter. What was I thinking.

What was the purpose of this post again?
Oh yes, my sister’s boyfriend, Matt, helped me fix my headlight today. And by helped, I mean he did all the work. I would have been more than happy to help, but I think that actually offends them. Right guys? Maybe?
I’m thankful for the men in my life.

But that is still not the reason.

Look at what I got at the DAV today! It just so happened to be on my way home from Matt’s house, so I had to drop in. It’s obvious that it was meant to be. It’s as if I was meant to walk right past the shoes, and that I rest my gaze directly on these lovelies. I snatched them up like I was fighting the swarms of shoppers at a J. Crew sample sale. They might as well be J. Crew, made in Italy and real leather. Yeah baby. My size. Perfectly broken in. $4!
I think I will go out somewhere tonight. They need to be worn.

Also if you are looking for belts, you know, the thin ones you can wear high on your waist, that.. you know, make you look nice and slender? Yeah those. You can get lots there. I may or may not have gotten 5. For $8. I know, I know, these bargens are even starting to make me squeamish. But they just happen sometimes.

It’s been a good Tuesday, until I finished season 2 of Dexter and found out 3-5 are not on instant play on Netflix. Gahh, now I’m going to have to wait. But this does mean more productivity. Hence the blog post. That is productive right?

Off getting things done. In my new boots!