freshening up. [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

It was time for a little freshening up in my apartment. I get very bored, and have to constantly redecorate, repaint, and rearrange the furniture. I’m also always coming home with a new thrift find and love finding a place for it. My apartment is my art space. Thankful for roomies who let me do the decorating. 🙂

Here are a few key spots that I’m loving right now. More than likely they will change in the next month. But, that’s the fun of it! Kitchens next.

Welcome to the “entryway”. My little green station. Both pieces of artwork are done by two very talented friends. The White Elephant is by the dear, Gwynne Gardner. It was the gift I won at a white elephant party. Fitting wouldn’t you say? And, the bird, which you really can’t see that well, is by my fellow class mate, Jenn May. Serious talent. She whipped this up in one of our painting classes. Always loved it. The words on the chalkboard are from non other than my favorite 2010 song. That’s right. Favorite verse in the song.

This fabulous breadbox, I used to play with growing up. We had a garden shed that was converted into our playhouse and this was part of the ‘kitchen’. We had painted it a light green, so when I was home for Christmas I stripped it to reveal the beautiful metal! Simply love it! That lamp had been halfway painted for ever, so thought it was time I finished the makeover. I painted it off-white yesterday and by today had changed it again. Like this version so much better! Chalkboard paint baby! I wrote some verses from 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros. The fun thing is I can change the look whenever  I want! Yes.

This is still a working progress. Not sure if I want to paint this shelf or not. I just got the typewriter from home (it was my grandmothers!) and added the yellow record sleeve. Love the color pop.

Have to have another color pop in the room. This is always been here and this color. I just switched up the branched from the ones by the door to these, and added the record sleeve. I like change. Yes I do. This old radio was also my grandmothers! High five for grandma.

There you have it. Now I need to go tackle my room. Still have not unpacked. Shame on me.

Till next time!
Yours truly, Amanda