The Lauffers [Family]

by amandamaephotos

The Lauffer’s were one of the many families who helped my dear friend Martha, go to Thailand. I got so excited when Jenn emailed me and asked if she could book a session. They are such a precious family, not to mention their absolutely adorable little girl Elle. When asking where they would like to go, and finding out what they were interested in, I found out Elle liked horses. Delight! I love horses. I love photographing. I love photographing sweet little girls who love horses. Bam. Done. And, this is what you get.

How about that shirt, right?

Sweet little Delilah. What a good dog.

Love the coat and flower!

This is her face after finding out the wall behind her is actually covered in poo. Such a trooper.

All I can say is, I wish that coat came in my size.

Thank you Lauffer Family for your help and for being such a blast!

Now to work on some winter projects!

Loving life, Amanda