oh joy [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

As much as I love to travel, for some reason, flying just takes it right out of me. Airplanes are stuffy, uncomfortable and if they’re small enough, really quite loud. But, despite that, I love to fly! It usually means I am heading to new places, to see new sights. I returned yesterday, after a delightful vacation, warn out and ready for some more sleep. I dropped my bags, started shedding layers and headed to my bed, only to be stopped by a pretty little package awaiting me there. Right before I left for New Orleans, I had won some lovelies from Whimsy Hand Made and had completely forgotten about it till then! My camera was snatched, paper was torn, and goodies were opened! Looking for great handmade items and vintage clothing? Check her out!

A pretty clutch was opened to reveal these.

These are so lite, it doesn’t fell like I’m wearing earrings at all! Plus they’re cute.

Who doesn’t love a yellow headband?

Or a giant hair bow!

And thank you notes are always a nice touch 🙂

And I sport two of them today!
Thank you so much, Dear Whimsy, for such lovely gifts!

Coming up. A fish fry, Louisiana style.

Yours truly