fish fry [Louisiana style]

by amandamaephotos

As some of you know, I visited Louisiana for Mardi Gras this year. One full week of eating, visiting my friends family, eating, taking pictures, eating, parades, eating, drive thru Daiquiris, eating, sleeping, and a bit more eating. The thing about Southern food, that my poor little Northern body isn’t quite used to, is that pretty much everything is fried, and if it is not fried then it is pure sugar. A heath nuts worst nightmare. Fortunately for me, it was vacation and not a normal lifestyle or else I would probably be a few hundred pounds heavier. Because, believe me, I ate, and ate. Something about the combination of those two types of foods that keeps you going back for more, and more. While some people may have toast or a bowl of cereal for breakfast, we had Gumbo and garlic bread and then again for a midnight snack.

Now that all of you think that I am a glutton, I will show you what was on our menu the first night of our arrival. Yes, you guessed it, a fish fry! First timer right here folks. Being not much of a seafood lover, unlike the lovely people of Louisiana, I was a little leery at first, but always up for trying new things. One thing this trip changed was my dislike to like for sea creatures. Ok enough rambling from me.

First comes the preparation. The key to a good fry is to double bread, because your not getting enough calories from the grease.

Then fire up the pot of oil.

Then you add the double dipped fish and let the fryer do its damage.. I mean magic.

Oh, so good. Add some fries, hushpuppies, and garlic bread and you have yourself a wonderful carb filled meal! Not, that I worried about my carb intake for a minute.

And then comes the sugary goodness. This my friends is a King Cake. Pure goodness right here. Its a traditional Mardi Gras delicacy and quite dangerous to ones figure.

Yours truly, a few pounds heavier, Amanda