I’ve got this friend… [Alyse Granier]

by amandamaephotos

In the summer of 2010, I met this girl. She was new to our crazy crowd of friends. When I saw her sitting there, a new face, I walked right up to her and introduced myself. This was not typical of me, at the time, but it was like we were kindred spirits and it drew me to her. So, we became friends.

Fast forward 7 months.

In January we decided to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! Alyse is from a town right outside this wonderful city, so it seemed like the greatest idea to get away from Lynchburg for a week and have crazy adventures together. At the beginning of the trip we told each other that this would be a test of our friendship. Either we would come out being besties , or ready to chop one another in the throat. I’ll just tell you now, there was no throat chopping. I got to see a side of Alyse that I had never noticed before, and it made me admire and love her even more! This beautiful lady is simply marvelous and I am so thankful to be her friend. Anyone who has the privilege to know her is lucky. Yep, they are.

One of our adventures took place on this beautiful plantation. We had a grand time exploring and taking some lovely pictures.
Hope you enjoy!

Alyse, your wonderful and I love you dearly!

a m