10 things you should know, if you care to. [life well lived]

by amandamaephotos

Well hello there. It’s been a wee bit of time now hasn’t it? I blame, busyness, vacation and lack of motivation. How could I stay away when there is so much to blog about, like say, these 10 random facts of yours truly? 😉
I always enjoy learning a little more about people. You may think you know a lot about them, but there is always something that makes you go, ‘whoa, no way. your weird…’. Feel free to tell me I’m totally bonkers the next time you see me.

What to expect to learn from this post;
That A.M. was a weird, barefoot individual who was an expert at getting in sticky situations, likes pickles, hated school, and enjoyed many an adventure.

And here they are.

1.  I like to pull out splinters as long as they are not lodged under my fingernail. Its weird, I see a splinter in my hand and say to myself, ‘oh joy, I get to pull it out’. I say that in complete seriousness.

2.  I was almost arrested in Uganda in 2008, along with a few of my companions. It was over one of them taking a picture. It actually wasn’t me, go figure.

3.  I had to take 4th grade over again because I pretty much sucked at academics. But, still manages to graduate just two weeks shy of my 18th birthday.

4.  I had 3 near death experiences in water, with a horse. I’d like to say the saying “third time’s the charm” is true thus far .

5.  For most of my childhood you could find me running about the countryside barefoot, riding a horse, building forts, and making mud pies. It was THEE life.

6.  Sometimes if I eat a dill pickle when I’m feeling nauseous I feel better. Random? Yes.

7.  I’m one of the most scatterbrained people I know. I start 10 different project at once, hopping from one to another until they are all finished. I have the attention span of a 2 year old, obviously.

8.   I have taken up collecting spices with the intention of cooking more. So far I just have a lot of spices.

9.   In high school I was part of a rock climbing team. We competed and also took several trips to California to climb. One week we backpacked 35 miles in the Emigrant Wilderness. It was surreal.

10.  Its taken me 30 minutes to try and come up with number 10. And you wonder why I don’t blog more. #writersblock.

Ok tootles.
I have to make up for lost time after number 10.

yours truly
the highly dysfunctional yet happy a. m.