I’m going to Pittsburgh [He has a plan]

by amandamaephotos

This morning I woke, 440am. Just like any other work morning. Alarm going off every 5 minutes because I keep hitting the snooze button. Through tired, squinty eyes, I saw the email icon flashing on my phone. For some reason I always get excited when I see that, then I see that it is junk mail and shove it off to the side. Well this morning, while fighting the reality of having to leave my bed, I decided to clean house aka get rid of some of that annoying mail filling up my inbox. As I was going down the line, deleting as I went, I spotted an unread email I missed two days ago. My eyes suddenly flew open. Subject line read “if you feel like going to Pittsburgh”. A very brief message followed asking if I wanted to go with an outreach team to capture their time serving in Pittsburgh. Sure, sign me up I thought. But noting that it was 2 days old, I figured I had missed out on the opportunity. Wrong. Throughout the morning, while on break at work, I got most of the logistics and found out that tomorrow I will be heading to PA with a team from Brentwood Church with hearts full of love for others, to reach out in a game of Flag Football (I have no idea what that is), and show the love of Christ to inner-city Pittsburgh.

God is just blowing my mind today. Let me just tell you a few reasons why. 1. I had requested a long weekend off (this weekend), in hopes of going on a retreat to the beach. But with some timing issues and a few other things, I decided not to go. Well, now I have a free weekend. 2. A friend and I had planned on going away one weekend, possibly this one, but nope, she couldn’t go. Hmm ok yeah, totally free. 3. Last night, I told a client I was free to shoot this weekend if the rain interfered with our shoot today. Great, we would just plan on that. Well this morning, got a message from her saying that her husband would be out of town this weekend. Hmm, can you see where I’m going with this?! 4. I know this amazing man, who has faith in my work enough to ask me to go, all expenses paid, to capture an outreach team. 5. We leave tomorrow and get back late Sunday night. Yeah that is perfect since I have to be back to work Monday morning. SEE. God is prettty stinkin’ awesome!

Now, I ask something form you. We need LOTS of prayer. Just by seeing how God is working things out, so last minute, for me to go, tells me that He has even bigger plans for this team and this weekend. Pray for open hearts for the team and those we share the gospel with inner-city Pittsburgh! It’s going to be amazing!

Much love and thanks from a joyful heart,