score [thrifting magic]

by amandamaephotos

Oh hello there.

Today I was inspired to blog. I was catching up on some blogs and read a post by the lovely Amanda Carver. It was about old things. I love old things. Just like she does. She wrote a post about it..can you see where I going? Ok good. Thanks for the inspiration Amanda!

On Sunday I went thrifting with a friend. It was wonderful, not only spending time with her, but also finding some stinkin’ amazing deals. Here’s what I majorly scored on.

All of this that you see cost me a whopping $11. That’s right. I gave her $15 because I felt like I was robbing her. I know, I’m soo generous. Here are a few reasons why I love these things. They are old, handcrafted, and 90% of it is made in another country. I’m going for an eclectic, world traveler kinda feel for my apartment. Go ahead, call me a poser. Ok, moving on. Here is how I put them to use around the apartment.

Great throw blanket. My grandmother used to have a bed cover that was similar to this only blue and the color of this couch. I always thought it was so ugly. I’m pretty sure I would now use it if it was still around. FYI this is my grandmothers couch. My dad grew up on this.

Love this little guy. Can’t go wrong with $.25. Total win.

I have been on the search for the perfect kitchen counter tins. I found them!

They are super fantastic.

This one is fun too. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a book end, but that’s what I am making it. Kinda reminds me of India. A place I would like to visit one day.

Fun little fact. This is a German ice bucket. Seeing as I am 1/2 German (I think), I thought it was a nice thing to have. If course I didn’t find out what it was until after I bought it.. Those hair combs I picked up in Africa and never quite new where to put them. Guess what, now I do.

Another fun fact. This little tin was my grandfathers. Think it’s either something from the army or boy scouts. I LOVE this picture of my dad and aunt dancing. And my dad’s stache? Such joy going on there. The other is of my little sister and brother and I. They were sooo cute! Recognize the couch in the background?

Fun frame yet to be filled and another useless yet cute trinket.

Turtles hotplates? I say coasters.

New toilet decor. Hand carved in India by skilled craftsmen from Himalayan Shesham wood. That’s what the label says…

Who loves deals? I love deals!

Okay bye now,