Africa Update no. 2

by amandamaephotos

This post has been written several times, left for weeks and then rewritten again. Partly because I didn’t have all the details, partly because I have been extremely distracted, scatterbrained and unable think of what to say. It’s crunch time now and I seem to get more things done when a deadline is staring me in the face. Or so I tell myself.

Anyway. Here is my second Africa update!

It’s been quite the journey, the past 5 months for me and my relationship with my heavenly Father. He’s been teaching me to intrust my life to him, to give him control and to love him and others unconditionally. Ya know, just some world rockin’ lessons. No big deal. But, it’s been kinda incredible.

Ok, so here are some slight changes to this summer’s trip to Africa. Lots of you already know, but for those who haven’t heard, this is for you.

-I leave in 27 days. The 17th of June.
-That is a whole month before originally planned.
-I will be flying out with a couple serving in South Sudan that my church helps support.
– Their names, Scott and Ali Hara and their sweet baby Layla.
-They are incredible.
-Uganda is up first. I get the chance to work with SOI for the first week while there, at their ministry in Kampala. June 20-26
-What I will be doing exactly, I am unsure, but God does and that’s all that matters.
-The second week, June 26-30ish I will be doing various things with the Haras and hopefully get to visit Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries
-And then….
-We make our way to South Sudan!
-I will staying with the Haras and helping them get settled back in their home after their 6 month maternity leave.
-I will also get the opportunity to document a little of what they do there on a daily basis.
-After two and a half weeks, June 30ish – July 21 they will take me back to Uganda to meet the rest of my team from Brentwood.
-There we will be helping the Pugwini tribe. Read previous post for a refresher.
-Then, it’s back to the USA…. 😦

How can you help?

PRAY. Please. For these things.
-The remainder of time I have left here. Preparation. Heart. Peace of mind.
-The work that God has for me in Kampala and South Sudan and then back in Uganda again.
-I still need at least another $1000 to go towards the extra expenses of staying longer.


I cannot wait to share more!

Much love,