by amandamaephotos

There is this book I am reading. Some of you may or may not have heard of it. Love Does by Bob Goff. If I can recommend a specific book right now, it is this. Well, right after you read Kisses from Katie. 😉 It’s changing the way I think about life, for sure. A great book with great tips on how to life a life of love.

Chapter 20 was one that stuck out to me. This guy Bob, he is pretty crazy. Me trying to tell you isn’t good enough, you will have to read and find out yourself. In this chapter he tells how he and his wife decided early on, that when each of their children turned 10, then he would take them anywhere in the world that they wanted to go. He would ask them on their 10th birthday where they wanted to go, and within the next few weeks, he would have a plane ticket purchased or all the supplies needed for whatever they wanted to do. Super spontaneous.

He tells of a great adventure he takes his daughter on in Europe, because she wanted to have tea in England. Naturally he takes her there and everything they do is spontaneous.

God wants to take us on an adventure. He is just wanting for us to except the invitation. It’s an invitation to something that he has made us to love. And it’s an adventure that isn’t always carefully planned out and laid in front of us. We need to be spontaneous and ready for whatever it is God has for us next. Bob says ”He (God) shapes who we become, with what happens along the way”. It’s this adventure that inspires and challenges us and we get to experience it with our Father, Creator, and Friend.

It made me realize something. I RSVPed to the invitation for an adventure in Africa. God did the planning, all I had to do was check yes. As soon as I did, the adventure began. He taught me so much along the way, and our relationship is much stronger because of it.

Chapter 21 had just as much impact. Bob talks about hearing God. I will be perfectly honest with you guys. Leading up to my trip, I kept thinking and praying to God that he would show himself in a BIG way to me. I wanted something audible, that I would clearly know as Him. Being consumed by that, I was missing out on all the little things he was saying. He may have been whispering, but it was still him talking. I just had my music up too loud. Bob says, ”God doesn’t talk to me in an audible voice, because he isn’t a human being; He’s God”. He speaks to us in many ways because he is God and he can and he’s not limited. He speaks through the feeling of joy, beauty, a new found talent, you name it.

As I was reading this chapter, I was on the first flight. Let me just tell you a little about this flight. When my tickets got booked, I was blown away at the price! It was a little more expensive than I thought it would be, and by a little, I really meant a lot. Turns out, they had to book my seats in World Traveler Plus because those were the only “cheap” seats left. WTP isn’t quite as nice as first class, but it’s the one in between that and coach, at least on this flight. As an experienced coach traveler, I’ll say, this was a real treat! Here’s what was different. I had lots of leg room, meaning I could lean forward in my seat without smacking my head on the seat on front of me and when the person in front of me reclined, my tv screen wasn’t 2 inches from my face. I’d take just that! But, there was more. There was a blanket and pillow (both very nice) headphones (the gigantic ones that DJs use), a pare of socks, toothbrush/toothpaste, a sleeping mask (I’m sure they have a proper name) and pen. That was all sitting on the seat waiting for me. Now the meal. That was some airplane food I’d be willing to eat again! It was served on a real plate and I got to eat it with real silverware and then wiped my mouth with a real napkin! I ate a steak. Yep, and it was really good. To put it plainly, I felt spoiled. I was also over come with this incredible joy. I know that sounds silly to some, but it was a real treat for me and God was speaking to me in that moment. It was wonderful! It hit me hard. Here I was, caught up in my own desires of wanting God to show up big, but I was missing out on the whispers. Not appreciating those small things that come on a daily basis. Now that I know that it’s God, I will treasure those moments even more. Sometimes he just wants me to get lost in the details of his love for me. Live in the moment with him.

Great lesson learned right at the beginning of this grand adventure.

I made it safe and sound to Africa by the way. I arrived in Entebbe around 730am and got to my wonderful host family’s home around 11am. I’m pretty sure I slept all afternoon once I was settled. So thankful for their flexibility and hospitality. Seriously such a wonderful family! This cup of coffee was waiting for me on the dinning room table when I woke up. 🙂

Much love to you all!