by amandamaephotos

Picking up where I left off…

Saturday we were able to see some of the chess program that SOM has. It provides an opportunity to minister to the girls as well since they don’t have a girls futbol team.

Sunday we visited Watoto church. It was very similar to my church, so I felt right at home. We had these two cute companions with us.

That evening we were able to see some traditional dancing and music! It was fantastic.

It is so hard to see things like this. People passing by without giving this little boy a second glance.

Monday we got caught in a heavy rainstorm in one of the slums. Fortunately they do not happen a whole lot during the rainy season. We were stuck in a church for over an hour as we waited it out. People in the slums fear rain like this. Most houses flood with dirty, disease filled water.

Kampala in the rain.

This is what happens after an hour of very heavy rain. People would cheer every time a vehicle made it through.


Finishing off a long raining day with these kids.

These kinds of signs were all over the school where the team trained. I really liked this one 😉

This is what happens when someone has a camera. The smiles and giggles are contagious.

Samantha really wanted to have her hair braided while here. She got her wish. 😉

It is very difficult to get a photo of just one child. Everyone wants to be in the picture.

Joel. Oh this boy. So precious. When we first arrived he was so serious. You would have to tickle him for several minutes before you got a smile. Now, you just look at him and he smiles!

These are the wonderful people I spent my first week with! So so blessed to have met and learned so much from them. This is a forever kind of friendship.

It’s been one day away from my host family and SOM and I already miss them so much. I am now at a beautiful little Inn outside of Kampala, with Scott and Ali Hara. Scott will hopefully head to South Sudan tomorrow with their new vehicle and Ali and I will fly up on Tuesday. Please be praying that the border crossing goes well for Scott!


Much love